OUR STORY - A world-leading industry

A world-leading industry

The Property Council’s toolbox of information – from market stocktakes to quality guidelines – provides a common language and a compass for our entire industry.

Australia’s property markets have always moved through peaks and troughs, their cycles influenced by everything from interest rates and consumer confidence to unemployment and land release strategies.

But back in the 1970s the industry had no way to take its own pulse. We had little data to understand whether supply matched demand, no agreed metrics or methodology to measure building quality, and no way to map the hundreds of thousands of jobs whose life’s blood is property.

Australia is now renowned as having one of the world’s most transparent and professional property industries in the world. The foundations – high-quality market information, performance benchmarks, rigorously enforced regulations and high professional standards – were an early priority.

The Building Owners and Managers Association’s early leaders –Lindsay Shaddock, Frank Charnock, Peter Barrington, Doug Mackie, Bill Cairns and Australia’s first property PhD, Dr N H Seek – understood the importance of data and transparency to guide investment decision-making.

One of the pioneers’ early frustrations was a lack of hard facts. Bringing together architects, planners, agents and developers – all with different priorities – the BOMA team hammered out new and standard methods of measuring buildings. With time, this demand for transparency from the top drove new levels of professionalisation along the value chain.

We have always understood that information is influence. In 1981, an advertisement was placed in the Sydney Morning Herald, calling for a graduate to help with research. Peter Verwer AO answered that call and became BOMA’s first full-time researcher and later our longest-serving CEO.

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While greater transparency hasn’t prevented the booms and busts, we’ve become a far more informed industry. Today, the Property Council’s investment in research is world leading.

Our bi-annual Office Market Report, first published in 1985, now covers 5,000 buildings in 25 office markets around the country, offering a unique window into business activity and sentiment.

Our annual retail and office benchmark reports provide owners and managers with reliable tools to evaluate the performance of their assets.

The ANZ/Property Council Survey takes a twice-yearly health check of the industry's confidence.

The Property Council/MSCI Investment Performance Index now has more than 30 years of data on valuations, operating performances and returns.

And our Data Room brings together Australia’s most comprehensive source of economic and property data.

This toolbox of information – from market stocktakes to quality guidelines – provides a common language and a compass for our entire industry.

The result?

A property market that is among the most transparent in the world – and we are proud to have played a role in helping our industry attract international capital and institutional investment to build stronger cities and communities for all Australians.