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Advocacy Strength

The Property Council champions a strong property industry, built on policy research, powerful advocacy and the deep involvement of our members.

From the 1990s the Property Council began building its advocacy capacity at national, state and local levels.

With a federal government, eight state and territory parliaments and more than 500 local councils around the country, Australia’s political landscape is complex. Property is one of the few business sectors that must navigate all three levels of government, and we have always understood that policy is forged locally.

Our formula for powerful advocacy was established early: deep member engagement, smart policy research, highly experienced staff, strong advocacy, and the ability to speak loudly and confidently about the issues that matter to our members.

We’ve built our capability over many decades, employing the right people to enhance our advocacy professionalism, investing in the right research, and expanding our membership and the sectors we represent at the right time.  

We advocate policies that create wealth and prosperity for entire communities – driven by sound research and solid facts, strong and coherent policy platforms and a significant investment by our industry.

Our hard-won experience has helped us to build up powerful political muscle, underpinned by sound evidence and the support of a host of business and community allies.

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We take on the big issues that matter to our industry and our nation: planning, tax, infrastructure and regulation among them.

We’ve fought to remove red tape and repeal economically damaging taxes. We’ve championed smart, city-shaping policies long before Australia entered the metropolitan century. Years before Infrastructure Australia opened its doors, we were sharing smart research on where transport dollars should be spent. For a lonely decade we tirelessly championed Australian ‘city deals’ before their introduction.

Our first energy efficiency research report was released in 1977, guiding policy and action decades before the rest of the world caught up. Today, Australia’s property industry is the global leader in sustainable building, according to GRESB – an achievement that owes much to the research and advocacy agenda established nearly four decades ago.

Today, our advocacy success rests on our relationships with our industry. We are backed by our members and our $1.4 million research budget gives us powerful arsenal when we walk into the political fray.

We’ve played an instrumental role in establishing allied associations and collaborative forums – from the quietly revolutionary Green Building Council of Australia in 2002 to Livable Housing Australia in 2010. We’ve channelled our position of leadership to support the Property Industry Foundation’s mission and to encourage reconciliation through the CareerTrackers Indigenous internships program.

We aren’t afraid of setting the agenda, and we speak loudly on issues that we believe will bring jobs, prosperity and strength to our cities and communities in a sustainable way.

The Property Council’s standing reflects the economic importance of our industry. We invest in research and data to help governments make good decisions for the future.We promote debate to improve public understanding of the issues at stake. And we champion an industry creating great places for all Australians.